Rock Shelters

Discover the rock shelters through 3D 360 models. You will be able to visit five enclaves in the unique surroundings of the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas Natural Park, where the Santiago-Pontones cave stations are located. Four shelters containing examples of early art, considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site (Kyoto, 2 December 1998). The rock shelter of Cañada de la Cruz, the caves of Engarbo I and II and the rock shelter of Río Frío I, constitute an important example of Levantine rock art in the Spanish Mediterranean Arc.
Levantine and schematic art in the headwaters of the Segura River.
The most important station with Levantine Art in Santiago-Pontones.
Levantine art under the whitewashed walls of a shelter used as a troglodyte dwelling in the 20th century.
Solitary head of a caprid on the inside wall of the coat.
An archaeological site that tells us about the context of habitation of the societies that produced the rock art.