Rock shelters and rock art of Santiago-Pontones

Enjoy the whole Augmented Reality experience from your own mobile device, computer or tablet, of the cultural tourist heritage of the municipality of Santiago-Pontones. Live the most real and immersive experience! With the most advanced equipment on the market and field work carried out with tools such as the 3D laser scanner, RTC from Leica Geosystems, it has been possible to capture spherical photographs and scan each of the five shelters in the area of the Santiago-Pontones cave paintings. Thanks to their high quality, they offer a detailed view to enrich the virtual experience. A unique opportunity to relive the history of this municipality at first hand, through the priceless cultural legacy that exists in the heart of the natural park and surrounded by landscapes of overwhelming beauty. Transport yourself back to the prehistoric era through your own eyes!
Discover the rock shelters through 3D 360 models. You will be able to visit five enclaves in the unique environment of the Natural Park of the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas, where the rock art stations of Santiago-Pontones are located.
Levantine and schematic art in the headwaters of the Segura river
Archaeological site that places us in the context of the habitation of the societies that produced the rock art.
The main station with Levantine Art of Santiago-Pontones
Levantine art under the whitewashed walls of a 20th century troglodytic dwelling
Solitary head of a caprid on the inside wall of the coat
In the northeast of the province of Jaén, Andalusia (Spain) lies the source of the Segura River. Discover the routes that run through a prehistoric enclave which, due to its particular geography, was the site of some of the best examples of Levantine rock art from the Neolithic period.
The five rock shelters containing the first paintings of mankind in the area of Santiago-Pontones (Jaén) can now be visited from anywhere thanks to the most advanced equipment on the market.