In the northeast of the province of Jaén, Andalusia (Spain) lies the source of the Segura River. Discover the routes that run through a prehistoric enclave which, due to its particular geography, was the site of some of the best examples of Levantine rock art from the Neolithic period.

Route Fuente Segura - Pontones

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We start our walk at the scales at the exit of Pontón Bajo. At this point we find signs on footpaths in the area. We follow a path that coincides with the GR-247 in some of its sections. This path goes through a small valley formed by the Segura River. We come across signs that tell us about the Segureña sheep farming and the vegetable gardens that we can see in this area. We pass near the villages of Fuente Segura, which we can visit. The walk is very pleasant and we reach the source of the Segura River. This area has picnic areas, a recreational area and shade for a pleasant stop.
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We leave Santiago de la Espada, following some sections of the GR 7. We descend the slope of Hondo del Pecho. Along the way we can see typical Mediterranean vegetation, in an agricultural landscape of terraces. We follow a track called the Castellón slope downhill, until we reach an old flour mill called Cortijo González. Here we can still see the well, the caz, the milling stones and part of the old machinery….. We start a short climb until we reach the Castellón ridge. From the top of this hill we have beautiful views of the Sierra de Huebras, the river Zumeta and the lower plain of Santiago.