Frequently asked questions

Through this application you will be able to experience the prehistoric era in first person, visiting the shelters with samples of cave paintings in Santiago-Pontones. Discover the history of one of the most important enclaves of Levantine rock art in the Spanish Mediterranean Arc with a 3D 360 interactive visit to the Cañada de la Cruz shelter, the Engarbo I and II caves and the Río Frío I shelter.
The ‘Journey to the past’ experience can be experienced in three different formats: on the website, in Augmented Reality and in Virtual Reality. Through the website you can see the 3D models of the rock shelters of Santiago-Pontones and you can also take a 360º tour and discover the rock art from anywhere. You can also download the app for mobile and tablet and enjoy an immersive experience with a visit to the caves in Augmented Reality and also 360. With Virtual Reality glasses you can enter the coats and heritage of Santiago-Pontones and relive prehistory in first person.
To consult the 3D models and take the 360º tour of the rocky shelters of Santiago-Pontones you need a computer. To see the cave paintings in Augmented Reality you must have a mobile device or tablet. Finally, Virtual Reality glasses are required for the virtual experience.
The application is available for Android and iOS. It can be downloaded free of charge via the App Store and Play Store.
To use the Santiago-Pontones app and visit the caves in Augmented Reality choose a large space, follow the instructions to scan the area and enjoy the experience! For optimal viewing experience, avoid backlighting and exposure to direct sunlight. In the case of Virtual Reality glasses, it is essential that they are not in contact with direct sunlight in order to be able to enjoy the experience and to avoid damaging the device.